Discover innovative Terea sticks and the diversity of flavors

Discover innovative Terea sticks and the diversity of flavors

One of the latest innovations from Philip Morris International is called IQOS Iluma. This device became the next generation of similar tobacco heating systems from the manufacturer. The novelty represents a completely new way of tobacco warming for a more advanced smoking experience.

Iluma device obtained a different construction, which allowed making it more comfortable and easy to maintain. Now, a warming element, which used to be inside the device, is inserted into the compatible sticks. Such a solution helps make a new gadget more durable while smokers get a chance to forget about regular cleaning.

Several versions of the device are currently available. They include IQOS Iluma, IQOS Iluma One, and IQOS Iluma Prime. These variations have slight differences in the designs and functionality while the main principle of work is the same. All of them use an innovative Smartcore induction system.

Iluma offers 20 smoking sessions with a full charge. Besides, it’s also possible to use it for 2 consecutive smoking sessions, which became a great benefit for the majority of users.

Sticks for IQOS Iluma

Due to the fact that the devices use an absolutely new principle of heating, a special sort of sticks was developed for them. Such sticks are called Terea. The key thing about them is that they contain a heating element inside. Thus, the tobacco heating process became more even and effective to help discover the genuine taste of premium tobacco.

Traditionally, carefully selected tobacco blends are used for sticks. Terea products offer a diversity of flavors, so every smoker can find a perfect mixture. Here are the main categories of flavors:

  • Classic ones. This category includes regular flavors for conservative smokers. They offer a deep flavor of genuine tobacco of various intensities. Besides, such sticks can also offer slight notes of wood and nuts.
  • Menthol collection. This category includes diverse menthol flavors, which offer incomparable freshness and aroma. Such sticks can also offer pleasant citrus and mint hints.
  • Fruit collection. Terea sticks offer several variations of products with juicy fruit and berries, which are supplements with light menthol notes.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Which sticks are compatible with Iluma?

You can use only Terea sticks with Iluma devices.

  1. Can you reuse Terea sticks?

The sticks are created for a single use. You can’t refill or reuse them when the puffs are over.

  1. Where can I buy Terea sticks?

It’s recommended to find a reliable distributor of Terea IQOS USA to guarantee the originality and competitiveness of products.



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