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Iqos 3.0

The state of charge can be easily checked in the following way: 1. Press the button on the charger and hold it for 1 second (short pressing); 2. The indicator of the state of charge will be switched on.

Full charging of IQOS 3 from an electric socket takes about 120 minutes. The device should be charged only by the power adaptor and the USB cable provided.

It is not necessary to fully charge IQOS 3 for its normal functioning. However, a full charge allows one to use the device up to 20 times.

In order to reset IQOS 3, you should press and hold the button on the charging unit for 8 seconds, then release it. The indicator of the state of charge will go on, flash twice and then will smoothly go on again to confirm reset

The Holder starts vibrating in the following situations:

  • at the beginning of the session (when you press the button of the IQOS 3 Holder to start heating) – one vibration;
  • when the device is ready to be used – 2 vibrations;
  • when the session is close to the end (30 seconds before the end of the session) – 2 vibrations.


United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries

We send parcels from Central Asia and Russia using express international post, usps.

Yes, every order goes with a tracking number, which shows the location of parcel at any moment of time. You can subscribe to the delivery status updates. For US and other countries – at the 17track.net website

The delivery cost depends on the summary price of all products in the order. If you chose products for less than $150, then the delivery cost will be $25. For orders from $150– the delivery is free.

On average, it is 10-15 days. There may be delays in the New Year period or other. If you do not receive the package within 90 days, we will refund your money  or resend the package.

We understand that you would like to get your order as soon as possible. And we do our best that depends on us – its fast processing, including weekends and holidays. But after the order has been passed to delivery service, there is not much that can be done to influence the speed of delivery. Anytime you can contact us and we will definitely try to help you, within our capabilities.

IQOS HeatControl™ Technology

IQOS is a tobacco heating system. Thanks to the unique technology, IQOS heats tobacco and does not burn it, so there is no ash. A tobacco vapour that is generated by IQOS disappears much faster and smells considerably less than cigarette smoke.

No, using IQOS releases a kind of tobacco vapour, which allows to fully sense the true taste of tobacco without combustion, ash or smoke.

No. Using IQOS does not exclude risks. Despite the fact that IQOS generates on average 90% fewer harmful substances, they are still present in small amounts. Moreover, the HEETS sticks contain nicotine, which causes addiction. Current scientific research confirms that a complete switch to IQOS can be less harmful for health than continuing to smoke cigarettes. If you are worried about tobacco influence on health, the best solution for you would be to quit tobacco at all.

Tobacco vapour is aerosol that appears while heating tobacco leaves. The vapour mainly consists of water, glycerine and nicotine.

IQOS uses the technology of heating tobacco without combustion. It releases a kind of tobacco vapour, which allows to fully sense the true taste of tobacco without combustion, ash and smoke. In contrast to an electronic cigarette, which contains liquid, IQOS sticks contain the real tobacco leaf.


HEETS sticks are meant for the same duration of use and number of puffs as conventional cigarettes.

Tobacco sticks are intended to be used only with the IQOS devices. Sticks have the optimal length and diameter suitable for the Holder.

The taste of IQOS differs from cigarettes, as tobacco is heated until a certain temperature and not burned. This temperature is enough to reveal its true taste and aroma. HEETS sticks are made from specially selected tobacco blends. They let you enjoy the natural taste of tobacco and try to meet the expectations of adult smokers in the best possible way.

Yes, HEETS sticks contain nicotine, which causes addiction. Nicotine is present in tobacco contained in HEETS sticks. It is released in the vapour that results from using IQOS.

If you find it difficult to insert the stick into the Holder, check whether there is some tobacco stuck in the cap from a previous use. Use the special pin from the IQOS cleaning tool to remove the tobacco carefully.

Tobacco sticks are intended for IQOS; they cannot be burned or exposed to any other fire impact. Sticks were elaborated exceptionally for the IQOS Holder.

Since tobacco in IQOS is heated and not burned, the stick retains its initial size – nothing burns inside it. The stick can change its colour after it was heated and after moisture and aroma were released from tobacco. Besides, the texture of the tobacco leaf itself is modified after heating. The paper of the tobacco stick can also change colour and get a bit wet after heating tobacco.

Every pack has 20 heatsticks, and one carton contains 10 packs. Therefore, one carton has 200 heatsticks.

This is a biopolymer film made from polylactic acid, which is one of the most commonly used biopolymers in the world. It provides the comfortable level of temperature and moisture of tobacco vapour that is released when tobacco is heated. The suitability for use is tested and evaluated by Phillip Morris International (PMI). Emission of harmful substances from the biopolymer film during IQOS functioning was not identified.



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