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Discover new horizons of the smoking experience with GLO

Many people today tend to give up smoking cigarettes or at least completely change the way they smoke. With innovative tobacco heating systems, such changes become a reality. A safer, eco-friendly, and more pleasant solution will make your life different. Glo is one of the popular heating systems, which was developed by British American Tobacco. It’s one of the leading tobacco companies with a global reach, which is one of the main Phillip Morris competitors.

What is Glo?

Like many other heating systems, it was created as an alternative to standard cigarettes. While with traditional cigarettes, the process of smoking is realized by means of tobacco burning, it never happens in the case of the Glo heating system. As a result, we never breathe in harmful substances and can only enjoy a dose of nicotine and an excellent tobacco flavor.

The device is created in a way to provide the even heating of tobacco located inside the sticks. Glo warms the tobacco up to 240 °. To use the device, you need to:

  • Insert the stick into a special port
  • Turn on the device by pressing a special button
  • Wait for a few seconds until it’s ready (you will feel the vibration)
  • After about 30 seconds, you can start enjoying the excellent tobacco taste.

It will then work for about 4 minutes. When the session is over, there will be another vibration signal. It means that the organism obtained enough nicotine to feel satisfied. Make sure not to start smoking until the device is ready. Otherwise, Glo might get broken.

The heating element is installed on the outside of the stick, so there won’t be a lot of vapor by the end of the session compared to Iqos. As a result, Glo feels softer for the throat.

The device is equipped with an effective built-in battery, which can provide up to 20 smoking sessions depending on the model. There’re no additional parts, so there’s no need to worry about any lost elements.

Glo and Iqos: what’s the difference?

The two sorts of devices are very similar because both of them are tobacco heating systems. However, there’re several differences. First of all, they are different in design. Glo and its sticks are created to be similar to vape. For some people, it becomes an advantage because it’s easier for them to switch to an alternative and then give up smoking. Speaking about Iqos, it looks more like a traditional cigarette.

Another difference is the temperature. While Iqos warms the tobacco up to 350 °, the temperature in Glo is lower and reaches only about 240 °. Sticks for it are created in a different way compared to Heets and their alternatives. The tobacco in sticks for Glo gets additionally treated with special substances, which vape liquids contain. The amount is small, so there’s not much vapor produced. Thanks to the special technology used in the device, the process of vaporization becomes more effective, thus, the nicotine delivery system gets more productive. Glo sticks are not flavored. Instead of it, the manufacturer uses capsules, which are also used in traditional cigarettes to control the taste.

Sticks varieties

Let’s have a closer look at sticks for the Glo heating system. There’re several types of them — NEO, Vogue, and Kent. The first and second types are produced by British American Tobacco itself while the third one is made by the eponymous brand. Speaking about the taste of these sticks, they are more pleasant to smoke and don’t have a peculiar aftertaste compared to Heets or alternatives.

Sticks for Glo are created in different formats depending on the device they are compatible with. The sticks are represented by the diversity of tastes:

  • Fruit varieties
  • Vanilla and creamy tastes
  • Berry flavors
  • Mint varieties
  • Various classic tobacco flavors.

Depending on the taste, sticks can be supplemented with capsules to provide an additional flavor and incomparable aroma.

Types of devices

The manufacturer has already created several series of Glo devices. Let’s observe the most popular and comfortable to use:

  • Hyper This device is characterized by a standard size and offers up to 20 sessions with one charge. It’s possible to have 3 smoking sessions in a row as well as to use a Boost mode to heat the tobacco for just 10 seconds. The standard warming time is about 20 seconds. For the full battery, it’s required to charge the device for 90 minutes. It’s compatible with Neo Demi sticks.
  • Nano. It’s a minimalistic version, which is more compact, lightweight, and comfortable to hold in hand. Due to this, the opportunities available with this version are a bit limited. There’s no Boost mode for heavy smokers while the number of sessions with one charge totals 8. At the same time, you can enjoy all eight smoking sessions in a row. The device will require more time to get ready, so you’ll need to wait for about 40 seconds. However, it’s possible to charge the battery for just 1 hour. The device is compatible with Neo Nano sticks.

Why to buy Glo — the main benefits

Glo is a popular choice among the alternative smokers. This tobacco heating system offers a wide range of advantages:

There’s no smoke produced because there’s no burning process connected with the work of the device

  • It’s healthier and eco-friendly due to the absence of harmful combustion products being released
  • It’s comfortable to use and hold in hand thanks to the ergonomic design
  • It provides effective nicotine delivery to make a smoker feel satisfied
  • It helps give up smoking
  • It offers a wide range of tastes
  • It is compatible with sticks, which contain high-quality tobacco and provide incomparable flavors without unpleasant aftertastes
  • It has an affordable price
  • It offers more smoking sessions compared to the alternatives.

Glo provides a choice of colors and designs, so everyone can find a perfect variation to express themselves.

Where to buy Glo near me?

If you want to buy original devices online, make an order in the TastySticks store. You will be pleased with the low prices and the quality of Glo heating systems. Choose your device, and we’ll deliver it to your location.



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