Top things to know about IQOS

Top things to know about IQOS

IQOS was allowed to be distributed across the USA several years ago. Since that time, the manufacturer has obtained an opportunity to market and distribute IQOS heating devices and compatible sticks in the territory of the country. Even though Philip Morris International assures that the innovations are a healthier alternative to cigarettes, still, The Food and Drug Administration didn’t accept these products as an alternative to them, which is why the same restrictions are used for any IQOS products. Let’s observe the most important things everyone should know about such electronic smoking devices:

№1. A special technology is used in IQOS. Compared to both cigarettes and e-cigarettes, IQOS offers an alternative technology. It presupposes heating (not burning) of the genuine tobacco (not a flavored liquid). Thanks to this, smokers can enjoy an experience, which is very close to traditional cigarettes but presupposes less harm.

№2. There’s no formal approval from the FDA. The organization underlines that the products can be legally sold in the US. And still, they are not considered “safe” or “fully approved” by it. The manufacturer made two applications to the organization and only one of them was approved. Thus, the devices and sticks are authorized for sale. The second application concerns the minimized harm of the products. On this issue, the decision hasn’t been taken yet.

№3. There’s no proof of increased safety. While the smoke produced from standard cigarettes contains over 7,000 chemicals, IQOS manufacturer claims the harm is less with IQOS products. However, according to the Tobacco Control journal, this statement isn’t actually proved by Philip Morris International data. Thus, the amount of certain toxic substances is really lower while the percentage of others is higher, which balances them on par with regular cigarettes.

№4. IQOS is more attractive for the young generation. Many people know how to use IQOS thanks to the advanced technologies and stylish design. The devices look attractive, which makes more people start smoking (including those who have never done this). As a result, this situation provoked great concern, especially in terms of the current e-cigarette epidemic. Other worries are connected with the fact that IQOS products can also attract adolescents. Thus, there’re certain restrictions for advertising IQOS, especially on the Internet.

№5. Menthol tastes are of great concern. Menthol flavors are easier to smoke and harder to give up. This information wasn’t provided in FDA applications as well as the data on the toxicity and other peculiarities of the products. Besides, the company wants to sell such products under the Marlboro brand, which will lead to the growing popularity of their standard cigarettes.

№6. The products are developed to deal with the existing regulations. Thus, IQOS is another effort to maintain and expand within the tobacco industry.



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