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Discover the world of diversity with Heets blends

Modern smokers frequently search for a more comfortable, pleasant, and healthy way of smoking. Thanks to the work of tobacco industry giants, smoking really becomes different. IQOS Heets sticks and the corresponding devices made a revolution and managed to replace traditional cigarettes for many people. But what is special about Heets and are they really worth trying?

What is special about Heets sticks?

Such sticks are an alternative to cigarettes, which was created by Philip Morris International. They were developed to be compatible with IQOS tobacco warming systems. The latest are special devices, which are able to heat the tobacco inside the sticks instead of burning it. It’s possible thanks to a special heating blade integrated into the device and a smart construction of sticks.

Speaking about sticks themselves, their structure is multi-layered and well-thought. The advanced method of procession is applied for Heets cigarettes. It’s called the ‘cast leaf process’. Due to a special technology, fermented and processed tobacco looks different compared to the one in traditional cigarettes.

The selected size corresponds to the IQOS holder in terms of length and diameter. The main part of each stick is represented by the tobacco part. It consists of the tobacco itself, vegetable glycerin, and flavorings, which are unique for each blend. There’s also a non-tobacco part that is accountable for the actual production of vapor. It consists of an airflow chamber, cooling plug, aluminum wrap used for protection from burning, and, finally, a filter, which is made of cellulose acetate.

The process of smoking resembles traditional cigarettes. However, it’s completely different. When a stick is inserted and the device is turned on, the tobacco blend gets heated. When a smoker inhales, he or she feels a vapor that goes through the filter to eliminate excessive moisture. As a result, a smoker feels a genuine taste of tobacco (with or without flavorings) and enjoys effective nicotine delivery to the body.

On average, one stick will provide up to 14 puffs or about 5 minutes of smoking. In addition, there’s no need to throw away your cigarette if you need to stop smoking. It’s just enough to turn off the device.

It’s important to use Heets products with the corresponding devices only. They are absolutely compatible with the IQOS main series, which includes IQOS 3 DUO and all the previous versions of the warming systems.

The advantages of Heets

Many people want to buy Heets as a perfect alternative to cigarettes due to the numerous benefits such sticks can offer:

  • Reduced harm. In comparison to traditional cigarettes, which presuppose tobacco burning and smoke production, Heets products are different. There’s no burning, just heating. And instead of smoke, vapor is produced. As a result, there’s no such harm to human lungs and other organs. In addition, the absence of combustion products makes sticks better for the environment. Such facts also make them a better alternative to use in public places.
  • Comfortable usage. Heets products are compact and nicely looking, so everyone can just put them in a pocket. A chance to stop and start smoking Heets sticks when you like makes them even more convenient and money-saving. Sticks and compatible warming systems can be easily and intuitively used even by people who try them for the first time. All you need is to press a button and wait for a few seconds.
  • Satisfaction from smoking. Thanks to the effective nicotine delivery and actually enough nicotine in a composition, Heets make smokers satisfied much faster compared to traditional cigarettes. The taste of tobacco is always genuine and extremely pleasant. It’s possible to forget about unpleasant smells on hands, clothes, or hair.
  • The diversity of flavors. The number of blends is extremely wide. Besides, the manufacturer keeps creating new original flavors to satisfy the requirements of every smoker.

Due to a great number of advantages, Heets products are something that every smoker should try. Besides, many people claim that this alternative helped them give up the bad habit forever.

Varieties of sticks

Those who want to purchase Heets can enjoy an impressive choice of flavors. To give you an idea of the assortment available, we divided blends into several categories:

  1. Classic flavors. These offer a traditional and genuine flavor of tobacco. They might offer various levels of intensity and sometimes be supplements with herbal, woody, or nutty notes. The varieties include Silver, Bronze, Amber, Gold, Slate Selections, Ruby Fuse, and other blends with a well-balanced tobacco flavor.
  2. Fruit flavors. Those who like something juicy, sour, or sweet, will be impressed by the flavors offered in this collection. The finest tobacco is naturally supplemented with various fruit, berry, and citrus notes. The blends include Purple Wave, Amarelo Fuse, Tropical Swift, Summer Breeze, and other varieties.
  3. Menthol flavors. Refreshing flavors are extremely popular among smokers, so Heets creators took care of them. Numerous blends supplemented with mint or menthol notes will make the process of smoking smooth and pleasant. The varieties include Green Zing, Turquoise Selection, and others.
  4. Capsule line. Many smokers prefer cigarettes with capsules that are able to change the taste in the blink of an eye. Heets are also able to offer such a wonderful experience with their sticks that can add fruity, berry, and menthol waves to the original tobacco blend.
  5. Creations line. For smokers who are ready to taste something truly original and extraordinary, this line will become a perfect choice. The blends contain various aromatic herbs, fresh spices, light menthol aromas, floral, nutty, citrus, and even creamy notes.

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