IQOS Iluma — an innovation in the tobacco heating industry

IQOS Iluma — an innovation in the tobacco heating industry

Philip Morris International constantly develops new products to offer a more comfortable, pleasant, and healthy smoking experience to people. One of the latest innovations of the company is called IQOS Iluma, which became a continuation of numerous other varieties of tobacco heating devices. The novelty uses a completely different technology, which we will observe below.

What is special about Iluma?

At first sight, Iluma looks very similar to other IQOS devices. It’s also a part of a tobacco-heating devices line. However, the construction of Iluma is a bit different. While all the previous versions of IQOS devices contain a heating element, the novelty doesn’t.

The warming element in Iluma is inserted into each stick created especially for this device. Thus, a Smartcore induction system is used in this version. It allowed making the gadgets more effective and user-friendly. Iluma doesn’t require any cleaning and provides durability and easy maintenance.

It’s also important to mention the designs of Iluma. It’s compact and nice. The gadget is comfortable to hold in hand and use. Various styles and colors are available to help smokers express themselves.

What’s more, Iluma offers up to 20 sessions with one charge. In addition, two smoking sessions in a row are presupposed.

The devices are represented by several versions: Iluma, Iluma One, and Iluma Prime.

The use of IQOS Iluma

People who are new to the device should know how to use IQOS Iluma. The process is actually the same as for the other tobacco heating systems:

  1. Insert a compatible stick into the device.
  2. Press the button to turn the gadget on.
  3. Wait until it’s ready (you will feel a vibration signal).
  4. Enjoy a wonderful smoking experience.

It’s crucial to choose compatible sticks for Iluma because only Terea products are suitable for it. It’s because only these sticks contain a heating element inside to provide correct functioning and effectiveness.

IQOS Iluma vs IQOS 3

IQOS 3 is also an innovation, which became a continuation of the main IQOS device series. The main differences of the devices are as follows:

  • The location of the heating elements (IQOS 3 has it inside the device)
  • Design (Iluma is more compact and lightweight)
  • Charging (Iluma offers a longer usage)
  • Sticks (IQOS 3 is compatible with Heets; Iluma is compatible with Terea)

At the same time, both devices offer 2 consecutive smoking sessions and a wonderful experience, so it’s only up to you to decide, which device is better for you.

Is IQOS Iluma good? It definitely is. It represents the next step in the evolution of the tobacco industry, making the process of smoking more comfortable, healthy, and satisfying.



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