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Today, it’s possible to try another way of smoking. Thanks to the development of the tobacco industry and modern technologies, smokers can enjoy the process with less harm to their health and environment. Heets sticks are products specially created for this purpose. Compatible with innovative Iqos devices, they offer an excellent taste of premium tobacco.

Heets: What is inside of them?

Heets sticks are a sort of small cigarettes, which are completely different from the traditional ones. The only thing they contain is high-quality tobacco, which is wrapped in a special shell. To enjoy a wonderful smoking experience, all you need is to insert one of the cigarettes into the compatible device.

Along with the tobacco, each stick is equipped with a filter made of cellulose acetate that helps eliminate the excess water produced. It’s important to mention that the tobacco isn’t burned in the process of smoking. There’s a special heating element that just warms it to produce vapor, not smoke. As a result, it goes through the filter and provides an exceptional taste and aroma. Besides, the manufacturer is focused on how much nicotine a smoker gets, so with special technology, Heets can guarantee an extremely effective nicotine delivery. And it is actually the main reason for people to smoke cigarettes. Thus, you can feel satisfied with much less harmful influence on the organism.

The quality of the tobacco Heets contains is exceptional. The products are created by Philipp Morris International — the manufacturer of the Iqos device. The company takes care of the consumers and produces sticks preserving the higher quality standards. Tobacco blends are carefully selected for each variety of cigarettes to satisfy smokers with different preferences.

The main advantages of Heets

Compared to all traditional cigarettes, Iqos sticks can offer a great number of benefits. Here are the most important of them:

  • While standard cigarettes are burnt, there’s no such process connected with Heets. The device allows warming the tobacco to the temperature of about 350 °. It’s just enough to feel the taste and aroma. Thus, there’re no smoke and ashes, which are typical for traditional cigarettes. As a result, no harmful substances get into the respiratory system while the risks for various diseases become lower.
  • Comfortable usage. When you take a traditional cigarette, you’ll have to throw it away when you need or want to stop smoking. There’s no such a necessity when you use Heets. If you require stopping, just turn off the device by pressing a special button and put it into your pocket or bag to continue smoking later. Besides, Iqos compatible with Heets is compact and comfortable to hold in hand.
  • No unpleasant smell. When the tobacco gets burnt, there’s a smell that inevitably appears. It’s very unpleasant. What’s more, this smell stays on your hands, hair, and clothes. Sticks are different. With no burning, there’s no such a smell. All you can feel is a pleasant aroma.
  • Eco-friendliness. Being a healthier alternative to standard cigarettes, Heets sticks are a better choice in terms of environmental protection. There’re no combustion products released in the process of smoking.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Even though the price for the device seems higher compared to traditional cigarettes, it’s a good investment in the long run. You need to buy Iqos just once. In addition, Heets sticks provide effective nicotine delivery, which means a smoker will need fewer of them to feel satisfied.
  • The diversity of flavors. The manufacturer keeps working on the creation of new exceptional flavors to offer numerous tobacco mixtures to smokers with different preferences. There exist over 20 varieties of flavors by now.
  • Nice design. Such cigarettes are compact. They look pleasant to the eye and can easily fit in your pocket. Take them with you anywhere to have an opportunity to enjoy an exceptional taste.

What is Iqos Heets: the main flavors

The varieties of sticks compatible with tobacco heating are numerous. It’s necessary to understand, which cigarettes are compatible with the corresponding devices. Speaking about Heets, such products are created especially for the Iqos series. They can’t be used with Lil Solid or Iqos Iluma.

Let’s observe the most popular types of Heets tastes:

  • Fruit varieties. Such flavors are extremely popular among people who like something fresh with notes of sweetness. There exist diverse fruit flavors — Summer Breeze, Green Zing, Amarelo Fuse, and others. Along with sweetness, they might contain wonderful citrus touches.
  • Menthol varieties. Such tastes are extremely popular among smokers, so Heets sticks offer many different refreshing flavors such as Turquoise Selection and others.
  • Classic solid variations. For conservative smokers, the line of products is very large. It’s possible to find very traditional tastes with deep tobacco flavors and those with slightly nutty, herbal, and woody notes. Examples are Bronze, Gold, Silver Selection, and other tastes.
  • Modern fusion. If you want to feel exceptional mixtures of flavors, a special Creations series was made just for you. It contains diverse flower, creamy, citrus, herbal, and fruity notes. All you need is to find a perfect blend for you.
  • Capsule series. Sticks with s ‘button’ became one of the innovations of the manufacturer. Try them if you want to feel a very bright and strong taste. Such cigarettes are represented by juicy fruit varieties.

Where can you buy original sticks?

Every Iqos owner should purchase only original sticks to provide competitiveness with the device and enjoy a wonderful and incomparable tobacco flavor. To buy Heets, find a reliable distributor. At the TastySticks online store, every smoker with find the best flavor. The catalog includes all the popular varieties to meet the requirements of every Iqos owner.

The TastySticks online store offers to buy original sticks at an affordable price. Just make an order on our site, and we will deliver the products of premium quality to your location in the shortest time!



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