Test numerous tastes of Heets to find the best alternative to cigarettes

Test numerous tastes of Heets to find the best alternative to cigarettes

The modern tobacco industry is constantly developing to offer smokers something delicious, pleasant, and comfortable to use. The innovation of the recent years is called Heets. These tiny sticks are a perfect choice for a wonderful smoking experience. But what are IQOS Heets and what do you actually know about them?

What are IQOS Heets?

Heets are a pack of small sticks, each of which has an innovative structure that makes the process of smoking close to standard cigarettes but still healthier. A stick has a filtering part, which is responsible for the elimination of excessive moisture from the vapor produced, and a tobacco part, which contains only carefully selected premium blends.

The main thing about Heets is that they are created to be heated instead of being burnt like traditional cigarettes. As a result, no smoke is produced in the process. Instead of it, we inhale a pleasant vapor with a mesmerizing aroma.

Heets are distributed in small and nice packs, each of which contains 20 sticks. The diversity of mixtures allows every smoker to find a perfect taste starting from the conservative flavors and ending with exotic sweet and refreshing tastes.

Do Heets last as long as a cigarette?

As many people choose Heets as an alternative to standard cigarettes, they are interested in the smoking time available with each stick. This information will help manage the budget, have the right expectations, and optimize the smoking process.

On average, each stick may last up to 6 minutes, offering up to 14 puffs. Thus, the duration is more or less close to plain cigarettes. At the same time, you have to throw a traditional cigarette away if you need to stop smoking. It won’t happen with Heets. All you need is to press a button to turn off your device when necessary and then continue smoking the same stick later.

Another positive thing about Heets is the possibility to deliver nicotine to the human body more effectively. While this is actually the main reason for the majority of people to smoke, you will need fewer sticks to feel satisfied (as well as fewer puffs). Each stick contains 0.5 mg of nicotine on average. If we take these facts into account, Heets are definitely more effective.

What works with Heets?

Heets are the main line of products created by Philip Morris International. Such sticks were developed especially for the main line of IQOS devices. As a result, they are absolutely compatible with both previous and new models. Such gadgets contain an integrated warming blade, which is able to evenly heat the tobacco inside the stick. The most popular IQOS variations suitable for Heets include IQOS 2.4, IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS ONE, and previous versions.



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